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On Wednesday mornings Southdowns College hosts a weekly gathering of students who come together to learn more of and speak about God.  The gathering is called “SIC”, which stands for “Southdowns in Christ” as well as “Supported in Christ”.  The number of students who attend on a regular basis has increased from the beginning of the year from an average of 9-12 learners per meeting to 35-50 learners per meeting, and we can see the amazing results that it is having in the school!  High School Students are in a very controversial time in their life where they are thinking about their own worldviews and their futures, and they have the opportunity at SIC to base these important decisions on a firm foundation – God.   Each morning gathering ends off with prayer, and the students then receive memory verses which they can keep with them.  Throughout the year there have been amazing testimonies of learners taking the time to pray for each other, caring about their fellow students and considering more seriously the impact of the decisions they make today – whether large or small.  All students are welcome and SIC is not affiliated to any specific church group or organisation, we are there to Glorify the Name of God!

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