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Kingdom Club

Kingdom Club is a monthly occurrence at Southdowns Preparatory School where children have the opportunity to come together on a Friday evening, once a month, and praise God!  We sing worship songs, play games, do arts and crafts and read stories from the Bible.  Our goal with Kingdom Club is to instil life principles into the hearts of the children, based on Biblical values.  We want each and every child to realise how amazing and special they are and that they have a purpose with their life that is far beyond what they could ever hope for or imagine.  The teachers of the school have been kind enough to offer up their time and are actively involved in Kingdom Club.  We are all working hard to try and offer Kingdom Club separately to younger and older children next year so that each child will feel that they are personally ‘catered for’ and learning about things that are relevant to them.  We want to thank all the parents for all of their efforts in driving back and forth to bring their children to Kingdom Club, I’m sure that each of you can testify that the smiles and excitement after each evening makes the whole thing worthwhile!

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